Month: August 2013

Slow Braised and Barrel Aged

Today, the world is a little fuzzier; my body a bit more tired. I can thank the good folks at Tippler's Tap and Bacchus Brewing for that. I am feeling surprisingly fresh for the high ABV beers that were presented last night. The fact that I'm able to string together a coherent sentence should be … Continue reading Slow Braised and Barrel Aged

Beer Trek

Beer Trek

Beer: The final frontier. These are the voyagers of the app called "Untappd". Its continuing mission, to explore strange new ales. To seek out new stouts and new tasty libations. To boldly go where no beer drinker has gone before! cue music I'll stop now.I'm fairly sure if I continue on, I'll be sued for copyright … Continue reading Beer Trek

Redoak Brewery – Sydney

My original thoughts when first coming down to Sydney would be that I would do one post covering my whole trip. I figured I would do everything in a nice, wrap-up style blog with lots of content, but after spending 4 out of 5 nights at RedOak Boutique Beer, I feel I wouldn't be doing … Continue reading Redoak Brewery – Sydney

Brews and Bacon first post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! This site will be a chronicling of my beer drinking experiences, with a bit of food here and there. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm an average guy with an above average love for craft beer. It's something about the right combination of malt, yeast, water … Continue reading Brews and Bacon first post!