Beer Trek

Beer Trek

image Beer: The final frontier.

These are the voyagers of the app called “Untappd”. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new ales. To seek out new stouts and new tasty libations.

To boldly go where no beer drinker has gone before! cue music

I’ll stop now.I’m fairly sure if I continue on, I’ll be sued for copyright infringement. I can almost feel the cease and desist letter coming from the estate of Gene Roddenberry. I’ll beam out of this parody now. Alright, that’s the last one… I promise.

For those of you who are unaware of the app, “Untapp’d” (available on most major mobile platforms), it’s a handy little tool for keeping track of what beers you have tried, and rating them as you go along. It will keep a tally of the number of unique beers you’ve tried and reward you with badges for hitting certain milestones, such as having 10 dark beers, checking in 7 beers at an airport, or having a big night out and checking in more beers than you can count in a single night (the fact that you can still operate your phone by that point is badge-worthy in itself). The imaginary, internet points are what make drinking fun. But really, did you need another excuse?

It’s social element lies in it’s connection to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, so you can share your check ins and badges with friends. The downside of this, as my brother-in-law has eloquently put it, “now everyone can see how much of a raging alcoholic you are”. On the plus side, sharing is optional, so if you don’t want that nervous call from Mum worried about your drinking habits, you can always opt out.

I write this purely out of an appreciation for the app. It’s made my beer experience more structured and it’s really nice to read what others have said about the beers you are trying. Also, as most other users will agreed, nothing beats the thrill of getting a new badge. It’s a feeling of accomplishment knowing you’ve attained a new level of beer appreciation. I also get a bit giddy when I see that I’m only the second or third person to check in a particular beer. The hipster in me rejoices!

So, if you like trying as many new beers as you can and sharing those with your friends while having a bit of fun doing it, I’d recommend downloading it and giving it a try. Feel free to add me “jason.poffley” as a friend and keep an eye on what I try. You’ll see me referring to it frequently throughout this blog and I think I might take a page out of ‘s blog and keep a running tally (currently at 274 unique beers as of posting), so keep an eye out for that as I’m just figuring out the format. God damn it, Jim, I’m a blogger, not a web designer!

You didn’t REALLY believe I wasn’t going to do anymore Star Trek references, did you?

14 thoughts on “Beer Trek

  1. It is a very nice beer tracker and I do enjoy the social aspect of basically texting friends about beer. My one issue is the suggestions they come up with. I do not think i have even seen in a store / have access to, any of the suggestions they give. Live in the NYC area and try an pale ale? – You should try Zombie Dust or Blind Pig. Like you liked this fairly widely distributed beer, so here you should really try this one that was a one of collaboration of 150 bottles brewed in NZ 3 years ago. I do wonder if anyone has gotten the risk taker badge yet? 🙂

    1. Have to agree with you on that. I think I’ve only seen a few pop up on suggestions in where I’ve heard of the beer or least the brewery before. I would like to find out what criteria they use to come up with them.

      That badge will be mine one day…

      1. without cheating 🙂 honestly i wonder if it remembers what it has reccomended you over the years? what if one day i actually get a 3Floyds beer or Pliny? 🙂

  2. The while reason I haven’t put anything up is just that. I do want to incorporate my Untappd, just can’t think of a way to do it originally. He has it set up brilliantly.

    Got a few ideas though. 😉

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