BrewDog Nottingham

My humble apologies for being so neglective the past month or so. It’s just very hard to keep up with things when you are having so much damn fun! I’m putting together some Germany/Belgium/England posts soon, but I had to put up a bit of something from my quick trip into BrewDog Nottingham last night.

Now, BrewDog had been one of my favourite breweries for a while now and they’re definitely ahem a big dog on the craft scene. The wife and I slipped in after having a pub meal nearby and I must say, I haven’t felt as at home on this trip since the Tap’s Beer Bar in Malaysia. As much as I love the local brew specialties from the countries I’m visiting, it was great to sit and have a strong, hop-bomb of a beer like the BrewDog Hardcore IPA. With a hop heavy flavour balanced out nicely by sweet malts and a 9.2% warmth, I was in hop heaven. The real treat of the night though was “The Penguin”.

Those in the know are aware of BrewDogs “Tactical Nuclear Penguin”. This distilled beer (I use the term beer loosely) tends to sell for a couple hundred dollars a bottle back in Australia. If I was adventurous enough and didn’t have the budget police over my shoulder, I may have picked up a whole one at a mere £49, but I settled for the 25ml I had at a much cheaper price. TNP weighs in at a mind blowing 32%, doubling the strongest ABV beer I’ve ever had which was the Bumaye from 8 Wired. It has a strong tawny port flavour but hides that alcohol well. Very sweet at the start, and finished nicely. Only downside is that it destroys your palate for anything you drink for the next 20 mins.

That being said, we grabbed a take away bottle for the hotel, and I enjoyed a BrewDog Paradox Isle of Arran. Keeping with the heavy theme, this beer had a 15% hit and was a lovely Imperial Stout. Rich flavours all throughout made the perfect night cap.

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