Happy Beers-giving!


Happy beers-giving to all! It is turkey day in the US so I’d like to give a shout out to all my American followers (all one of you)!

Now, Thanksgiving is not done in Australia at all and in Canada it’s done on the second Monday of October, but I still feel it’s always nice to recognize the things in your life that you are grateful for. Now, I’m generally sentimental, so I’m grateful for a lot, but here’s my short list of life and beer related things I can graciously say thank you for.

1) My Wife – What can I say? This woman puts up with my beer rantings/snobbiness on a daily basis and enjoys a few with me on top of it all.

2) My Family – I haven’t seen my family in two years, and it’s wonderful to know that I can just come back and everything feels like home again. I also got to meet my new nephew and see my niece again for the first time since she was a baby.

3) This Trip – In two months, I’ve managed to visit 9 countries, 19 different cities/towns, and countless pubs and bars. I’ve been able to try Belgium beers at the source and get my coveted “Founder’s Hangouts” badge on Untappd. I consider myself incredibly lucky.

4) Australian Brewers – I’m thankful everyday that we have such a great group of folks providing the very best in beers and working tirelessly to bring us more. Folks like Bacchus, 4 Pines, Little Creatures, All Inn, 4 Hearts, etc etc etc. Honestly, to sit and list everyone might end up hitting some unspoken word count restriction on WordPress. You guys are great.

5) You Guys – Last but not least is you folks who take the time to read my diatribe. It’s a fledgling blog, but the support I’ve gotten from readers and members of the beer community so far has made the effort worth it. Thank you.

Well, that’s enough gushy sentimentality from me today. Feel free to post what your thankful for this Beers-giving!

Sunday Session at 4 Pines Brewery

*** I’d like to apoogize to the good people at 4 Pines. This article was actually done back in late August, but being a complete newb at the time when it came to WordPress, I didn’t realize this was marked as a draft and not published until just now. I’m still putting it up in its original format. Once again guys, I’m sorry and I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. – JP 28/11/2013 ***

4 Pines Bar in Manly, NSW

4 Pines Bar in Manly, NSW

It was a gorgeous, bright day as I took my seat on the Circular Quay to Manly ferry. The Sun was shining with not a hint of cloud in the sky. I took this as a sign that my afternoon at the 4 Pines brewery would be a pleasant one; I wasn’t let down. Continue reading

Secrets Revealed!

Just a quick note as I can finally somewhat discuss it, but it seems the good folks at Bacchus are up to some fun, and it involves yours truly (along with 6 other Brisbane based bloggers)! A beer bloggers series is currently on the brew, with each person giving input on the creation of their very own beer!

The bloggers got together at Bacchus HQ and spent the day going over the brewing process and helping put their individual beers together. I, myself, was sadly not in attendance due to the fact I’m currently on the opposite side of the planet. I must admit, seeing pictures from the other bloggers made me both jealous and a bit sad I wasn’t there, but I’m sure they knew I was there in spirit.

I’ll give more details as they come along, but take a look at #bacchusbeerbloggersseries on Twitter if you want to see what the other guys got up to!

Pony Bar – NYC

imageIt is official; I *heart* New York. There are some must do things when in the Big Apple. Firstly, see the Statue of Liberty. I can’t think of a symbol more iconically American. Next, be sure to see a Broadway show. There is some great talent there, even if you’re not into musicals. You’ll also want to soak in the splendor which is Times Square at night. The lights and just how busy it is is mesmerizing. Finally, the last MUST do thing in New York is go to the Pony Bar. Continue reading