Month: November 2013

Happy Beers-giving!

Happy beers-giving to all! It is turkey day in the US so I'd like to give a shout out to all my American followers (all one of you)! Now, Thanksgiving is not done in Australia at all and in Canada it's done on the second Monday of October, but I still feel it's always nice … Continue reading Happy Beers-giving!

Sunday Session at 4 Pines Brewery

Sunday Session at 4 Pines Brewery

*** I'd like to apoogize to the good people at 4 Pines. This article was actually done back in late August, but being a complete newb at the time when it came to WordPress, I didn't realize this was marked as a draft and not published until just now. I'm still putting it up in … Continue reading Sunday Session at 4 Pines Brewery

Secrets Revealed!

Just a quick note as I can finally somewhat discuss it, but it seems the good folks at Bacchus are up to some fun, and it involves yours truly (along with 6 other Brisbane based bloggers)! A beer bloggers series is currently on the brew, with each person giving input on the creation of their … Continue reading Secrets Revealed!

Pony Bar – NYC

It is official; I *heart* New York. There are some must do things when in the Big Apple. Firstly, see the Statue of Liberty. I can't think of a symbol more iconically American. Next, be sure to see a Broadway show. There is some great talent there, even if you're not into musicals. You'll also … Continue reading Pony Bar – NYC