Month: December 2013

Happy Brew Year!

Another year closes and I'm inclined on having a look back. I am a bit of a nostalgic individual that way. I've had some great beer this year (along with a few I would rather forget), as well as being involved with/attended some great events. Now, I've considered putting up a top beer list for … Continue reading Happy Brew Year!

Hog Blog Grog

Just a quick note, tonight is the unveiling of the Bacchus Beer Bloggers Series at Tippler's Tap tonight. My 9.5% ABV Bacon Maple Stout will be on, as well as the 5 other beers from Brisbane's brightest bloggers along with the help of Bacchus Brewing. I won't physically be there, but I'll be responding to … Continue reading Hog Blog Grog

Fresh New Face in Brisbane

Fresh New Face in Brisbane

So, when I asked you good folks in Brisbane NOT to do anything cool or interesting in the next 4 monthes, apparently it fell on deaf ears. Not only has there been the opening of Brewski Bar in Caxton and the brewing and upcoming tapping of the Bacchus Beer Bloggers series, now a new face … Continue reading Fresh New Face in Brisbane

Bacchus Beer Blogges Series

As you know, I mentioned a little while back about a big secret that was revealed involving Bacchus and 5 other bloggers from the Brisbane area. Well, the word is out and these beers will be ready and tapped on the 17th of December! Tipplers will be hosting the event with all the bloggers on … Continue reading Bacchus Beer Blogges Series