Happy Brew Year!

Another year closes and I’m inclined on having a look back. I am a bit of a nostalgic individual that way. I’ve had some great beer this year (along with a few I would rather forget), as well as being involved with/attended some great events. Now, I’ve considered putting up a top beer list for this year, but that might require me going over my Untappd list for the last 12 months and that seems a bit more work then I’m ready to do on a cold, Tokyo, New Years Eve. Instead, I’ve decided I’d take a look at my favourite beer related moments this year.

1) Bacchus Beer Bloggers Series – My involvement with Bacchus’ series of blogger beers was not as in depth as the other members, but it was truly an honour to be included. Despite being unavailable for the whole thing from brewing to kegging, Ross at Bacchus and the 5 other blogs made me feel like I was right there. I was able to ‘attend’ the kegging at Tippler’s Tap as a cardboard cutout (thanks to Darren at 250beers) as well as a quick Skype call into the bar.

2) Beer around the world – I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to drink fabulous beer on 3 different continents, including 10 different countries over the last 4 months. I’ve run the gambit from cheap adjunct lagers, to German dunkels; from Belgian dubbels and trippels, to hop bomb American IPA’s, to the intense Tactical Nuclear Penguin. It has been an amazing experience.

3) Starting up Brews and Bacon – August saw the beginning of this little blog and already its getting a following. Its allowed me to be a part of the bloggers series (above), but I’ve, also gotten to meet some really interesting people. This is definitely a highlight of the year for me.

4) Slow Braised and Barrell Aged – This event at Tippler’s Tap was my first food and beer paring event. The food was phenominal and the beers top notch.

There are honestly a heap more, but I would be well and truly into the new year by the time I got through the list.

Now, about 7 years ago, I made a New Years resolution to never make anymore New Years resolutions. Honestly, it’s the only one I’ve been able to keep. This year, however, I’ve decided to start making “Brew Years” resolutions. This is basically the same thing, just without the guilt of not going to the gym or not calling my mother more often (sorry, Mum). A brew year resolution is beer related only. Here’s my Brew Years resolutions for 2014:

1) Write more to you wonderful folks – Brews and Bacon was started in August as a Brisbane based beer blog, but in the 5 months its been active, I have been in Brissy for about 2 weeks. That shall change as of the 5th of January, so I will be able to pay a lot more attention to what’s going on on the home front as well as attend events to write about. I also have a few ideas of some neat stuff for you guys starting in January, so stay posted.

2) Use the term “craft” beer less – This year has brought up a bit of an internal struggle as to how “craft beer” is defined for me, so instead, I’m going to be pushing the “good/great beer” term more then craft.

3) Drink more good beer – I think this simply goes without saying…

It’s a short list, but less is more when you are making resolutions. Brew Years ones should be easier to keep, at least.

Happy New Year and may all your 2014 Brew Year resolutions come true!

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