Why I’m Afraid to Drink

I haven’t re-blogged much, but this one just has to be done.

This Is Why I'm Drunk

family portrait The oldest family portrait I have.

The naivete of youth is a powerful blinder, obstructing our view of the world at-large through shades of innocence.

Experiences at the time may seem foreign to a young mind, filtered through a prism of wonder and misunderstanding. Of course, we don’t realize this until years later when those memories are still blurry, but now manipulated and changed by passed time in some kind of cyclical joke played by our brains.

After we have enough time to digest what was, we finally begin to absorb the magnitude of what it means. People and places are the nutrients flowing through our system, providing us energy that propels us into our future as we grasp at our past, trying to hold on to what we think we once knew.

There are many defining moments along my path from beer drinker to enthusiast. There are people and…

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