Lonely Pint: A Brisbane Beer Travel Guide – Green Beacon

Lonely Pint: A Brisbane Beer Travel Guide – Green Beacon

While I was on my travels to various places around the world, I thought to myself ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I had a Lonely Planet style book that would tell me where to go for a good drop?’. There are plenty of websites out there to find that information, but what I wanted was the hard facts; opening times, number of taps, variety, food etc. With that question still lingering in my mind, I decided to start up the “Lonely Pint” (see what I did there…) and highlight, in a travel guide fashion, the great places to drink in Brisbane. If you are new to this fair city, here on vacation, or just new to the whole Good Beer scene and would like to know where to go to explore deeper into it, this will hopefully be helpful.

We head to the Newstead/Teneriffe area once again for the fantastic, Green Beacon.

The Essentials

Address: 26 Helen Street, Teneriffe
Hours of Operation: Wed & Thurs 12pm-Late, Fri-Sun 11am-Late
Seating Capacity: 90
Date Opened: 25 January, 2013
Number of Taps: 12 Taps
Bottle Selection: Nil
Price Range per Glass: Approx $7-$9, with special releases varying
Wine’s and Spirits/Cocktails?: Wine available; no spirits or cocktails
Owners: Marc and Adrian
Bar Manager: Andrew
Head Brewer: Johann Van Der Walt

The Good Stuff

Beer Variety

Green Beacon is a tried and true brew house. When you walk in, you can pretty much guarantee the only beer that you will drink will be Green Beacon beers. This is not a bad thing; far from it. Being as the transport of the beer is all of maybe 10 meters, you are guaranteed a perfectly fresh beverage every time. Green Beacons core range consist of your standard fare like Pale Ale’s, Amber Ales, and an IPA, but they also carry a few German style beers, such as a Wheat Beer and a Kolsch, which you don’t see too often on a core menu. Each style is cleverly named with a nautical theme (eg Windjammer IPA and Cross Knot Kolsch).

Green Beacon does Squealers and Growlers for take away on their full range, so you can always enjoy your favourite at home, on picniccs, etc.


With the sea faring theme of the brew pub comes the “Catch of the Day” style menu. A rotating menu including freshly trawled mud crabs, rock oysters, and Morton Bay bugs is matched up along with a Ploughmans board using Australian product and toasted sandwiches using locally baked artisian bread. Clearly, Green Beacon is about keeping it fresh and keeping it local. GM Andrew sums it up nicely “Fresh and local. Those are two very popular and important words around Green Beacon, and that’s exactly what our menu is all about. All produce is sourced locally where possible, and we like to keep things simple, relying on fantastic quality fresh produce of exceptional flavour rather than anything too complicated or deep fried.”


Green Beacon
Green Beacon

Located in a warehouse, you get a very industrial feel from the place. The large, steel tanks that are all behind the bar add to the ambiance. Once you walk up to the bar, you know get the feeling right away that what you’re going to be drinking is going to be fresh since you’re looking right at the vats they were made in not 5 meters from where you’re ordering it. The staff have a friendly demeanor and are just as passionate about pushing the “fresh is best” message. Green Beacon though does this in a very unpretentious sort of way, making you feel like you’re just popping into your local pub for some knock off beers.

The Inside Scoop (from Andrew Sydes)

Who is the typical punter that comes into Green Beacon?
We’re lucky to have a very eclectic crowd, young professionals, families, students, retirees, hospos, people of all ages and walks of life call the Beacon their local.

How do you select the beers on tap and what goes into the selection process?
Every drop of beer that flows through our taps is brewed here at 26 Helen Street. You will not find fresher beer anywhere in the world!

What makes Green Beacon unique from other beer venues?
We were the first to set-up a brewery and bar in a warehouse in Teneriffe, and we have a brewery instead of a back-bar!

Any other interesting facts or stories about Green Beacon?
Unfortunately, unavailable.

Contact Info:

Website:  http://www.greenbeacon.com.au/
Phone:  07 3252 8393
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenbeaconbrewingco
Twitter:  @GreenBeaconBrew

A big thank you to Andrew Sydes for the help!

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