Lonely Pint: A Brisbane Beer Travel Guide – Embassy

While I was on my travels to various places around the world, I thought to myself ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I had a Lonely Planet style book that would tell me where to go for a good drop?’. There are plenty of websites out there to find that information, but what I wanted was the hard facts; opening times, number of taps, variety, food etc. With that question still lingering in my mind, I decided to start up the “Lonely Pint” (see what I did there…) and highlight, in a travel guide fashion, the great places to drink in Brisbane. If you are new to this fair city, here on vacation, or just new to the whole Good Beer scene and would like to know where to go to explore deeper into it, this will hopefully be helpful.

Choices in the CBD are getting better, and this week we visit one of the best, the Embassy.

The Essentials

Address: 214 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City
Hours of Operation: Mon-Wed 11am-10pm; Thurs-Fri 11am-late; Sat 12pm-late
Seating Capacity: 150
Date Opened: 1928 (reopened April 2013)
Number of Taps: 16 taps + 1 hand pump
Bottle Selection: 100+
Price Range per Glass: $8+ depending on rotation
Wine’s and Spirits/Cocktails?: Premium spirits as well as Jam Jar cocktails
Owners: Spero Conias
Bar Manager: Demetri and Alex Conias
Head Chef: Robert Campbell

The Good Stuff

Beer Variety

17 taps is nothing to shake a stick at. While 9 of them remain permanent feature the Little Creatures and White Rabbit ranges, the other 7 (plus one hand pump) remain rotational and see the likes of Stone & Wood, Holgate, Bacchus, and many other local and international brews. There is a good amount of variety of style on tap, so you are bound to find something for any palate. The bottle selection sees a nice cross-section of all stlyes from various corners of the world


Embassy’s food menu is enviable. From great sharing food like the Southwest Chicken Bites or Hand cut shoe string fries, to the delicious sliders, to the Baramundi or Spanish Meatball mains, they’ll have you leaving the bar well fed.

About the menu, Bar Manager Demetri states “Having spent some time living and working in North America you quickly realize how well their food compliments the more flavoursome craft beers. We wanted to bring this culinary influence into the food we serve with the addition of other lighter and contemporary options.” This inspiration really shows in the Spicy Wings, which I rate as the best wing in Brisbane. It’s beautifully spiced and sauced.


There hasn’t been a time that I’ve come into Embassy and not had a conversation with one of the bar staff about something or other. Super friendly and willing to chat (when they aren’t deep into on the bar), the folks at Embassy are also versed in the beer and food they sell. The atmosphere feels a bit more upscale then some other venues in the city, but the filament lights add a nice relaxing ambiance.

With its location in the CBD, you will get a fair few people at many hours of the day, but after work is especially busy, but the feel is still very relaxed.

The Inside Scoop (from Demetri Conias)

Who is the typical punter that comes into Embassy?
We are frequented by both beer geeks and corporates, young and old. The majority of our customer base is largely a corporate crowd looking to have a relaxed lunch during a busy day or a beer to unwind after work. We offer a high quality offering at reasonable prices for both food and drink so that anyone can enjoy our fair. 

How do you select the beers on tap and what goes into the selection process?
We have 9 taps that remain permanent which include the Little Creatures and White Rabbit ranges, Pipsqueak and Kosciuszko. We have 7 rotational taps that we like to keep fresh with a variety of beers from Australia and around the world. Our customers demand a variety of styles and flavours so we like to ensure there is something on for every pallet. 

What makes Embassy unique from other beer venues?
Being the first dedicated craft beer bar in Brisbane City, a lot of our customers were pretty green when it came to beers that weren’t lagers. We provide educational beer dinners, which teach customers to consider the different flavor profiles of beer in the same way they would wine, especially when determining the perfect companion for different dishes. 

Any other interesting facts or stories about Embassy?
During the renovations last April the ‘Embassy’ was almost renamed. After lengthy conversations it was decided that the bar should continue under the same banner, as it has been a Brisbane institution since 1928. If your parents grew up in Brisbane there is a good chance the Embassy used to be their local haunt at one point. We wanted that legacy to continue even after this iteration of it become tired and dated. 

Contact Info:

Website:  http://embassybar.com.au/
Phone:  07 3221 7616
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theembassybar
Twitter:  @TheEmbassyBar

A big thank you to Demetri for taking the time in answering some questions for me!

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