Top 5 of March 2014 – A Month in Review

Another month has come and gone, and it’s time for my second ever recap of the month that was. March was a BIG month for a lot of people here in Brisbane, with events such as Brewsvegas and the Noisy Minor Shout keeping a lot of us thoroughly hydrated (and dehydrated the next day). My unique count jumped a staggering 66 beers, with most of them coming from those two events alone. It’s no wonder I am taking somewhat of a hiatus from beer for a while, and adopting April as my “No Beer Event” month. It doesn’t sound as catchy as NOvemBEER or OctSOBER, but maybe if you folks can think of a good name, post it in the comments below.
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I Survived Brewsvegas

We did it. We survived.

Our livers are slightly beaten; our heads, a little fuzzier. For most, our bank accounts are considerably lighter. Some of us are scraped and bruised from the “uneven ground”; some of us are on uneven ground at home. We may have made beer-widows/ers and beer-orphans of our loved ones, but we survived.  Continue reading