Top 5 of April 2014 – A Month in Review

Top 5 of April 2014 – A Month in Review

April has bitten the dust, and another recap is coming your way. It’s been a quiet month with my decision to not attend any beer events in the month of April, giving myself some much needed recovery from Brewsvegas. I did, however, manage to go out a few times with the wife for a couple beverages as well as having a few here at home.

Since I was a homebody in April for the most part, the unique total is fairly low for this month, but there were still a few that jumped up and got my attention.

The personal set rules of the Top 5 are this:
1. It has to be a beer that is new to me for that month.
2. Well, that’s it really.. just needs to be a new beer.

The Top 5

This months unique beer count totals 14, with the top 5 being:

aviary_13979025840025) The Little Brewing Company – Wicked Elf Porter – Porter – 6.2% ABV – 4.5  star-icon
A nice night out with the wife included a stop off at Scratch for some much desired dark beers. She’s a big fan of porters and stouts, and with the Wicked Elf Porter being on tap, it was simply too tempting to pass up. It’s very smooth with just enough dryness to keep it interesting.
aviary_13978881858634) Founders Brewing – Backwoods Bastard – Scotch/Wee Heavy Ale – 10.2% ABV – 4.5 star-icon
I’ve been a bit slow on having most of the Founders series of beers, and drinking them sporadically. The wait though, is worth it. The Backwoods Bastard is a Wee Heavy Ale which is a style I’m particularly fond of due to it’s complex nature. This one was no different. With a pleasing strong sweetness from the malts combined with a rich, peat flavour and high ABV, this beer ticks all the right boxes.
3) Duck and Cover Brewing – Bromason’s Rye – Rye Porter – Approx 7% ABV – 4.5 star-icon
Duck and Cover may be a name you’re unfamiliar with, unless you go to the Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers (BABB) meetings or happen to know one of the two lads that run it. I consider myself lucky enough to know the both them, and I got to try this little beauty on the very last day of April. The Bromasons Rye pours very dark with a bit of a cloudy nature to it. This beer drinks incredibly smooth, with flavourful roasts blending with the spiceness of the rye in a way that makes you want more and more and more. Keep an eye out for these lads in the future.
aviary_13978986464082) Elysian Brewing Company – Dragonstooth Stout – Imperial Oatmeal Stout – 7.45% – 5 star-icon
Another dark beer at Scratch on date night, this one was recommended to me by Tim behind the bar and what a legend he is for doing so. For me, a 5 star beer needs to be something I’d be willing to bend over backwards to try and get again and the Dragonstooth Stout meets that requirement. 
aviary_13978947872591) Yeastie Boys –Pot Kettle Black Remix (2013) – Cascadian Dark Ale – 5.5% – 5 star-icon
This beer had so much “Wow” factor, I can’t even begin to describe it. First off, it’s a Cascadian Dark Ale, which, if I’m to be perfectly honest, is probably my favourite style of beer at the moment. With winter just around the corner, that title is well on it’s way of being solidified. The ‘remix’ I believe comes from the different hop varieties it uses as opposed to their core range Pot Kettle Black (correct me if I’m wrong). Whatever they did, it’s brilliant.


aviary_1398429915209The dark beers prevailed this month’s top 5 list, but I want to give honourable mention to Murray’s Brewing Big Wednesday IPA (6%). A big, full flavoured IPA with grapefruit and other citrus notes made for a very enjoyable end-of-day beer. It’s a shame I drank it on a Friday.

This Months Let Downs

It can’t all be smiles and rainbows in the beer world. There were a few beers that didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had of them. These don’t necessarily need to be beers I didn’t enjoy (though, they will make there way on as well), but ones that I had high hopes for and fell well short of them.

aviary_1397124745836There were two beers that didn’t quite pique my taste buds the way I was hoping they would. Changing Tides, a single batch barley wine from Woolworth’s Sail and Anchor range fell a bit shy in taste. ‘Thin’ is not really an adjective you want associated with a barely wine, but unfortunately, that was the case. Although it’s not a horrible beer, I was left feeling a bit lacking. I went into Changing Tides with low expectations, and was only marginally impressed with how it measured up to those expectations.

aviary_1397295960138Bjorn to Boogie from Moon Dog was another beer I had high hopes for, but low expectations based on reviews from friends and colleagues. Unlike Changing Tides, this watermelon weizen with lime and mint fell shy of a bar set already at ground level. I applaud Moon Dog for coming up with some interesting concepts, and sometimes those ideas come to fruition as an outstanding beer. This, sadly, wasn’t one of them. I could taste none of the watermelon or mint (I did get a bit on the nose, however) but maybe as a standalone wheat, it could have been tolerable.

Notable Notes

As I mentioned, April was a “No Beer Event” month, so it was fairly quiet. I did manage a few nights out with the missus for date nights at Brewski, Kerbside and the Scratch, along with a few take away bottles at home. This was a “re-connection” month after my week long absence from home for Brewsvegas, and it felt good to just relax with my wife beside me and a good beer on the other.

Blog Stuffs

The blog was really quiet in the month of April due to my own inactivity, but things should be picking up again fairly soon. The Lonely Pint has been on a long hiatus, but I’m going to try and get a few under my belt and be rebooting it soon.

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