Bacchus Brew Bar

I don’t get many opportunities to go out and enjoy a good beer or a brew related event as much as I used to. My days of being a free-loading, stay-at-home husband with all the time in the world have come to a halt and now my days are filled with assignments, studying, and the occasional shift of work. With all that on my plate, I was honestly not sure if I was going to be able to make it to the opening of Bacchus Brewing’s new brew pub. Continue reading

Top 5 of May 2014 – A Month in Review

A quick look at my calendar and I can plainly see that it’s August. Those who know me are aware of my recent decision to venture back into the world of higher education. Being as I want to do it right this time around, I’ve let my focus on the blog slip (‘drop completely’ is probably a better term) and May through to July’s monthly top 5’s have suffered. I’ve also not been able to attend a good chunk of the amazing beer events we’ve been blessed with here in Brisbane, so intake of new beers have stalled as well. Lack of time as well as funds due to payment of said education has sapped my resources.
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