Media Release: River Crossing Delivers Bountiful Brew

October 5th see’s the 6th installment of Riverlife’s 5 Flavours. I had the pleasure of going to my first one back at the end of June and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the warm weather we’re coming into!

Purchase your tickets early and use ‘fiveflavours‘ as a promo code to get a discounted rate!

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The Beer inCider Experience – Some for All

When Marty Keetels put up a photo on Facebook with his hand written sign, I barely gave it a second glance. Expecting another “If I get a million likes, my wife will let me buy a Maserati” or “Can I get a million likes for some cause that won’t benefit from said likes in any way shape or form?”, I dismissed it and continued my mindless scrolling of statuses. This particular picture continued to haunt my feed, however, and it seemed to be pre-dominantly beer people that were reposting it. Curiosity got the better of my stubbornness and I had a gander. Continue reading

Rohan’s Pretentious and Judgmental Food Journal – Brunswick and Ann

Brews and Bacon would like to welcome Rohan Woods as a new contributor! Rohan is one of the most critical people I know when it comes to food, and he will be reviewing and giving his take on dishes he tries in Brisbane’s beer establishments. I’ve given him full liberty to pull no punches, and give his full and honest opinion. If you would like to contact Rohan, it can be done so at

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250Beers: Behind the Blog

For any scene to survive and thrive, it requires the dedication and commitment of some of its members to spread the word. These folks, let’s call them “Champions of the Cause”, do everything in their power to spread the message and bring their little world to the masses. Brisbane’s good beer community is no different. If it wasn’t for the tireless effort of these champions, we would not be at the level we are today and experiencing the growth we are currently enjoying. We are quite lucky here; we have a very large number of brewers, bar owners, bar staff, event organizers, media folk, and punters that are willing to make their voice heard and help to further the cause. Darren Magin is one of the louder ambassadors and strives to really push good beer in the South East Queensland region with his blog, Continue reading

Media Release: 35 Independent Breweries Descend on Brisbane

The Beer InCider festival is rapidly approaching. I’m quite looking forward to this event. I believe it’s going to showcase a bit of something for everyone.

(PS – I know release is from a little while ago, but I just got it into my hands now.)




August 2014

35 Independent Breweries Descend on Brisbane

The Beer InCider Experience, Brisbane’s official craft beer and cider festival, will feature 35 independent craft breweries, 130 beers and ciders, gourmet food, live music and burlesque on 20 and 21 of September at Albion Park Raceway.

The handpicked brewery line up includes:

All Inn Brewing Co, Amarcord Birra, Bacchus Brewing, Batlow Cider, Brewcult, Brooklyn Brewery, Brookvale Union, Cavalier Brewing, Clare Valley Brewing Co, Croft Brewing Co, Faire Ferments, Feral Brewing Company, Flying Brick Cider Co, Fortitude Brewing, Golden Axe Cider, Green Beacon, Holgate Brewhouse, Hills Cider Company, Kaiju! Beer, Killer Sprocket, Kooinda Boutique Brewery, Monteith’s, Mountain Goat, Nail Brewing, Napoleone Cider, Newstead Brewing Co, New England Brewing Co, Noisy Minor, North Coast Brewing Co, 4 Pines, Red Hill Brewery, Riverside Brewing Company, Rocks Brewing, Stone & Wood, Two Birds Brewing, Willie Smiths. 

The experience will give attendees the unique opportunity to meet and talk directly to each of the brewers and their representatives all while sampling their produce.

Tickets for the Beer InCider Experience are $15 each pre-purchased and go on sale 11 August 9am at

Band of Brewers: Feeling a bit corny.

Adjunct is a term that means many things to many people. For those of you who don’t know, an adjunct (in beer terms) is basically anything added to the brewing process that isn’t malts, water, yeast or hops. These can include coriander, coffee beans, vanilla, and a variety of other additions to give a beer a unique taste. My first introduction to the term, however, had a negative connotation. Continue reading