Media Release: River Crossing Delivers Bountiful Brew

Media Release: River Crossing Delivers Bountiful Brew

October 5th see’s the 6th installment of Riverlife’s 5 Flavours. I had the pleasure of going to my first one back at the end of June and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the warm weather we’re coming into!

Purchase your tickets early and use ‘fiveflavours‘ as a promo code to get a discounted rate!


September 2014

River crossing delivers bountiful brew

 Many people would go to great lengths for the true taste of a really great beer but for two local companies, it’s a simple case of crossing the Brisbane River.

Both situated on the waterfront, Riverlife at Kangaroo Point has teamed up with Teneriffe newcomer Green Beacon Brewing Co to ride the tide of change in the boutique brewing industry.  

Brewers of distinction, Green Beacon flavours are hand crafted using traditional methods garnered from the local brewing houses and bars of towns and cities across the globe.  

Each brew boasts an authenticity derived from its roots – mostly small communities that draw on local harvests for their original flavours.

And the best of these brews are the stars of Riverlife’s up-coming Five Flavours event on Sunday 5th October at Kangaroo Point Parklands.

Riverlife General Manager Josh Wicks said he was particularly excited about the Special Release, an Australian IPA bursting with big hop aromas and tropical fruit flavours, brewed exclusively for the occasion and labelled with the Green Beacon logo.

“Special Release lives up to Green Beacon’s pledge to deliver beers that dig deep into the heart of the local community and extract flavours reflective of the surrounding region – it’s a beer about Brisbane – our people, culture and local produce,” Mr Wicks said.

“Until recently, local hops were overlooked in deference of popular European and American varieties.

“However, new and exciting hops like Enigma have changed all that and Green Beacon now has access to world class hops grown right here in Australia.

“In reality, defining the Special Release flavour was a bit of a no brainer for the Green Beacon crew because Brisbane is their home. This is their community. So there is something very rich and organic about this beer.

 “Special Release is exclusive for that reason alone.

“As a new arrival on the boutique beer scene, in my opinion, Special Release sits very comfortably alongside the equally impressive line-up of ales that we’ll be sampling on the day.

“And of course, Five Flavours is a fitting launch the Special Batch too – relaxing with friends on the riverfront at Kangaroo Point, overlooking the City on a warm spring day – that’s exactly what Brissie is all about!”

The Five Flavours tapas menu is based on traditional pub fare, in keeping with Green Beacon’s style of keeping things real.

Patrons can choose from pulled peppered beef rolls, Moroccan spiced char grilled chicken, beer battered whiting and BBQ pork enchilada.

To top things off, Five Flavours will feature the laid back and cruisey music of Neil James, Nick Warren, Monkey See Monkey Do, Joey Hizon and Joanna Field.

For more information or to book your tickets now visit

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