A Quick Argument for Cans

A Quick Argument for Cans

For your consideration: Cans v. Bottles.


A lot of hub-ub has been made over cans recently. They really are a great vessel for transporting beer. The typical benefits preached are their storage and shipping capability, being smaller and stack-able, as well as the complete lack of light they permit through, preventing skunking. And really, if you’re heading out camping or fishing, tinnies are just a better option for the esky. I’d like to add one more argument in their favour: safety and wastage. Hear me out.

Last night, the wife and I had date night at Brewski down on Caxton Street. After a “Here Strides the Behemoth” and a Chili spank pizza that made me cry, we decided to grab some take-aways for a little party we’re heading to on Sunday. I saw the new Green Beacon cans on the shelf and decided that was the way to go.

Green Beacons new cans
Green Beacons new cans

We purchased 9 cans (3 of each Windjammer, Cross-knot, and 3 Bolt) which were placed in a couple cardboard containers so we could easily transport them, and made our way home. Now, unless you’ve been a hermit inside a consistently air-conditioned building, you’d know the weather has been quite warm, even at night. Simple science tells us that cold cans + hot night = condensation. The cardboard itself held up to the moisture, but mere meters before walking in our front door, the glue that held the bottom gave way and 4 cans took a swan dive towards the concrete. Tragedy. One of those cans, a Windjammer IPA, got a small puncture in the bottom and proceeded to cover my arm in beer.

It could have been much worse
It could have been much worse

Now, lets imagine if these were bottles. I would have 4 smashed stubbies and no beer to show for it. The cans, although a bit beaten up, maintained, and the one that was punctured was hurriedly rushed inside where it was promptly poured into a glass and consumed. We lost maybe 20 ml of the whole thing. Minimal wastage.

Aside from the loss of beer, glass shard shrapnel is a concern. With a hot day, thin shoes and shorts would provide little, if any, protection from the debris.

So there we go. Cans: portable, protective, economical, and safe.


~* Make sure you pick up your Green Beacon cans for summer. You can find them at Brewski, Craft Red Hill, and many other fine Brisbane establishments! *~

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