Hottest 100 2014

Hottest 100 2014

It’s that time of year again. No, not the twinkling of Christmas lights and the frantic cash-grab which is the holiday season; I’m talking about the Hottest 100 vote from the Local Taphouse.

Last year, I based my picks solely on new check-in’s. While this wasn’t necessarily a bad criteria, I couldn’t help but think that it’s innately flawed this time around. 2013 was all about the “new” beer for me. 9 out of 10 taps could have been ones I’ve consumed and rated highly, but if that last tap was new, I’d select that one, even if I was warned against it.

This year, however, I’ve taken a bit more laid back approach. If I like a beer (and more importantly, I remember liking it), then I’ve been more willing to forego the unknown variable. I still tend to lean towards the flashy new tap, but I’ve grown a greater appreciation for the “old faithful” principle.

So here in lies my dilemma. Do I select beers that are new to me this year, or give the tried, tested, and true a fair crack at my votes? Do I want to sit and look at all my unique check-ins for the year and decide based on rating, or do I select the beers that stand out most in my head?

How are you selecting YOUR votes this year: the mind-blowing once-off, or the solid, reliable, staple beer?

8 thoughts on “Hottest 100 2014

  1. I won’t be strictly basing it on either. I’ll have a look back at the checkins and go with those that stand out, either as a great new beer or a regularly drank dependable beer. That’s the plan anyway.

      1. The campaign is starting to win me over, and Hammer Head is one of only two beers that I purchased a carton of this year. I think I’ll need another couple of cartons to think it over though.

          1. That’s very much frowned upon and totally breaks the cardinal rule. No buying of votes permitted – even through offerings of beer. I think 4 Pines got booted out last year or the year before.

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