Blind Leading the Blind #2 – Pale Lager

I will admit, there are many things in this world I don’t understand. I don’t understand how people can be loud and obnoxious in the Quiet Carriage on the train. I have difficulties with comprehending the use of 3 kg of packaging for a single memory card. And I don’t get Pale Lagers. Unfortunately for me, this is the style for the second instalment of the “Blind Leading the Blind”.
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My Votes for this Years H100

I finally sat down and started to think about all the fantastic beers I had in 2014, and there was a lot. Australia has so many new brewers and beers of high caliber that it’s really difficult to narrow down a select few. Readers of the blog may remember my dilemma on choosing a selection criteria, and my final decision was to leave it open to both sessionables and mind-blowers. This did, however, make chopping my massive list down to 5 for the Local Taphouse’s Hot 100 Beers seem too monumental a task to achieve. Continue reading

Insight into Legend

It would appear that fortune is smiling on this blogger. I managed to track down and get a few minutes to talk to the ever-elusive brewer from Newstead Brewing. Finding the man behind the much vaunted “Hammerhead”, is about as rare as finding unicorn poo or a decent bottle of Hammerhead.

To achieve this, I had to sneak up to him whilst he swam in his ruby filled fermentation tank, rub the tank three times, and frighten him. It was then, that he promised to grant me 4 questions, and no more.

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