Bards of Brewsvegas

Bards of Brewsvegas

Image credit: Darren Magin
Image credit: Darren Magin

February is the new November. It’s that month before a big, highly anticipated event. November has Christmas to look forward to and February, it gets Brewsvegas.

This year, I’ve decided I’d get a bit more involved in the festivities. Instead of simply drinking my way through paddles of beer, I’m throwing a little competition called “Bards of Brewsvegas”. Creative beer geeks can submit their limericks for a chance to win some sweet prizes from some of Brisbane’s top brewers/venues, including Newstead Brewing, Brisbane Brewing Co, Bacchus, Craft Red Hill, Beer inCider, 4 Hearts Brewing and more! Prizes include beer and swag, and specifics will be announced as the competition goes on.

I’m joined by two of my fellow bloggers, who will be helping me judge the competition. Darren from 250Beers and Nick from Chasing Ale will be sifting through and selecting the best of the best in the 3 categories: Beers, Bars, and Brewsvegas.

The Beers category can include poems about your favourite beer, a specific style, or just about how great the fermented beverage is. It can be about home brew or macro, local beer or foreign.

Bars have a focus on the pubs. Do you love Brewski enough to write a limerick about it? Is the Burrow your local and worthy of a few lines? Does the Charming Squire inspre? Get those pens to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and give these places the love they deserve. You can also take a different angle and talk about bars in general.

Finally, Brewsvegas will be an ode to the mighty, week-long festival. Show your love, hate, or indifference in 5 lines of poetry for Brisbane’s biggest beer festival.

There are now two ways in which you can enter: you can email your limericks direct to or you can fill out the new fancy submission form here on the website. Submission are open until March 17th, and after deliberation on the finest libation limericks, the winner of each category will be announced on March 24th here on the blog. Top entries will also be displayed at a soon-to-be-revealed Brewsvegas venue during the festival!

So get your creative juices flowing and get excited for next months festivities! Start writing and enter in as many times as you want in all 3 categories!

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