Top 5 of January 2015 – A Month in Review

Top 5 of January 2015 – A Month in Review

Not so long ago on a blog not unlike this one, there was a monthly addition highlighting the top 5 new beers I had consumed. Due to life doing what it does best and getting in the way laziness, it fell by the wayside, but for 2015, I’ve decided to resurrect it. Admittedly, this is still late in the month, but, hey, I’m just happy to be getting it out.

On to the Top 5!

The personal set rules of the Top 5 are this:
1. It has to be a beer that is a new Untappd check-in for that month.
2. Well, that’s it really.. just needs to be a new beer.

The Top 5

This months unique beer count totals 23, with the top 5 being:

5) Mikkeller – Beer Geek Dessert – Imperial Oatmeal Stout – 11% ABV – 4.5  star-icon
‘Beer Geek Dessert’; such a fitting name for this beer. This 11% imperial is big, bold, and full of chocolate and vanilla flavours. A thick, viscous mouthfeel makes this a bit hard to put down quickly, but makes it the perfect sipper. I snagged a bottle of this on Australia Day at Brewski to wrap up my day. Needless to say, I ended up sitting there a bit longer than anticipated.

IMG_20150115_2104074) Mountain Goat – In-Breed: The Delmont – IPA – 6.8% ABV – 4.5 star-icon
I had originally had the Delmont back in December, but for some reason never got around to checking it into Untappd until last month. Seems I’ve been getting a bit slack with keeping track of my intake. No matter. This IPA is big boy in every sense of the word. Running at a hearty 6.8% with a bucket load of hop flavour coming from 5 varieties. Despite this immense stone fruit and pine flavours, this beer remains easy to drink. Maybe too easy.

3) Brewcult – Buggin’ Out – Black IPA  – 5.8% ABV – 4.5 star-icon
When a beer blogger moves on to other things, be it a new career or an interstate move, a gathering must be had. So when Jack of put together an election-day pub crawl for his going-away, I naturally hopped on board. One of the stops was to the new premises for the Brisbane Brewing Co on Boundary St, where I was able to try the newest Psychedelic series beer from BrewCult. Buggin’ Out is a fine example of Black IPA, with roasty malts and bitter hops in all the right places.

2) Newstead Brewing – NBCommunity Brew – Imperial IPA – 9.5% – 4.5 star-icon
 For Newstead’s first birthday, they brewed a Double IPA and allowed social media come up with the recipe! Through polls on Facebook about style, ABV, hop profiles, etc, the community beer took shape and this little number popped out. Ridiculously good and ridiculously dangerous at 9.5%.
1) White Lies Brewing –IPA – IPA – 6.5% – 5 star-icon
White Lies have been making a splash in Brisbane, and after having this IPA for my first time on Australia Day, I can see why. After my first sip, I sat there in stunned silence for a bit and the only words to eventually escape my lips were “Wow”. The beer itself is full of flavour, with big stone fruit, passionfruit, and citrus notes. It’s just dry enough at the end to leave your palette refreshed and ready for another big pull. It was so good. I had to buy a few bottles to take home.


Honourable mentions go out to La Sirene Brewing’s Praline and F#ck Art, this is Religion from Nogne O. La Sirene made a huge splash in 2014, with their Praline being touted as their best showing. It’s gained so much notoriety that it snagged the 5th spot in this year’s Local Taphouse Hottest 100 Beers. Chocolate and Belgo yeast flavours go very well together.

I had the Nogne O sour at Brewski. It was pricey, but the small keg still went fast. It was everything a Belgian Dubbel should be

This Months Let Downs

It can’t all be smiles and rainbows in the beer world. There were a few beers that didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had of them. These don’t necessarily need to be beers I didn’t enjoy (though, they will make there way on as well), but ones that I had high hopes for and fell well short of them.

IMAG0944I had a few beers that didn’t quite tickle my fancy in January. These two of these were no surprise, so I shouldn’t really classify them as “let downs” but I’m including them anyway. First, Matilda Bays ‘The Ducks’ fell short of lacklustre with its grainy, weak, Pale Ale. Tun Light is second. I had this during this month’s tasting of lagers. Nick and his Tinder-addled mind thought that a couple of bargain bin cans marked down to $1.59 would be a great way to end the session. For the sake of science, I drank it. Fast. Really fast. It was painful, but with the speed of consumption, I didn’t actually have to taste it and was able to get onto the lovely bottle of Beer Geek Rage Quit I had waiting.

Notable Notes

On the 13th of January, my mission to enhance my beer knowledge brought me down to Newstead Brewing Co for a brew day. Being it was a double brew day, I was meant to arrive bright and early to help with the first of two lots of Out and a Bout Pale Ale, but an inability to get myself out of bed got me there just after Jarrett had mashed in the first lot. I really don’t know how these brewers do it.

(Dr) Mark Howes and Jarrett Bravo went through the process with me, taking me from milling of the grains to pitching the yeast. It was an incredibly insightful day and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to the two of them for allowing me to come into their brewery and potentially ruin two batches of beer.

Australia Day came and went with another round of the Local Taphouse Hottest 100 Beers. This year, the wife and I spent it at Brewski Bar, enjoying beers from the countdown as well as some other refreshing beverages to help alleviate the heat and humidity that was prevalent that day. Brewski had on lamb burgers and other Aussie fair being served up from the BBQ, as well as an Australia themed pizza. The Triple J Hottest 100 was the soundtrack for a day of beer, food, and good friends.

On the last day of the month, our good friend, Jack (better known as The Westbender) held his fairwell party. Jack was packing up shop and moving to Melbourne, so he organized a pub crawl. Being as it was a state election day, a few of them started out at the polling booths, but I met up with them at the first pub, Bosc. After a few beers there, the ball started rolling and the crawl took us to Archive, Brisbane Brewing Co, Brisbane Brewing Co again (this was supposed to be another stop, but we loved it there so much, we stayed for another session), Newstead, and finally, to the Waterloo. A great day was had with many great beers consumed. I wish Jack all the best on his new life in Melbourne.

Blog Stuffs

Since I haven’t written about this in a while, quite a bit has happened. The blog turned 1 year old (now a year and a half!) and a new collaboration post with Chasing Ale has been spawned.

January’s Blind Leading the Blind (#BLtB… it’s going to be a thing) saw pale lagers as the beer to be sampled. If you’ve read my entry or Nick’s, you’ll come to know pretty quickly that I am not really a fan of the style. Regardless, I got through.

I had also posted my votes on this year’s Hottest 100 Beers and kind of cheated a bit with said votes. Sadly, the ever persistent #votehammerhead campaign was unsuccessful, and the NBCo beer got #taylorswifted.

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