Bards of Brewsvegas Winners Announcement!

Bards of Brewsvegas Winners Announcement!

Back in February, I launched my first ever competition in-line with Brewsvegas entitled “Bards of Brewsvegas”, and today the winners are announced!

The premise was pretty simple: create a limerick based on beer, bars, or Brewsvegas and have a chance to win beery prizes donated by the great folks of the Brisbane good beer scene. I enlisted the help of fellow bloggers Darren of and Nick from and, after giving them their own category, gave them daunting task of picking their favourites.

After much deliberation and a bit of hair-pulling (on my part), the decisions have been made and the winners have been selected! So without further ado, here are the top in each category along with their prize packs! Looks like some folks are going to have a much better Brewsvegas!


Brewsvegas Category

This category was judeged by myself:

Charge your glass and raise a cheer,
Let’s celebrate a second year,
The event about brews,
It’s grandiose news,
Brewsvegas! Time for a beer!

~ Jenny M ~

Runner Ups:

Brewsvegas, it swiftly draws near
Brisbane’s week dedicated to beer
From the Scratch to the Valley
Random bars in back alleys
Raise a glass, to Craft we shall cheer

~ Kyle E ~

Gathered in the Shadow of the Giant,
Brisbane’s small bars stood defiant,
Forecks and Lion Protested,
But in the end they were bested
Brewsvegas is only good-beer Compliant.

~ James R ~

For the Brewsvegas category, I wanted to select a limerick I felt best embodied the spirit of the festival. While all of three of these limericks hit that brief beautifully, I found that Jenny’s rolled most off the tongue and therefore gets my top spot. The Brewsvegas category has the least number of entries, but in my opinion, the best prize pack!

Jenny has won:

1 x Growler from Brisbane Brewing Co.
1 x Double Pass to the 2016 Beer inCider Festival
1 x Squealer from Craft Red Hill
1 x Set of Glassware from Bacchus Brewing Co
1 x T-Shirt from Brews & Bacon

Congratulations, Jenny! You’ll be receiving an email shortly with details on how to collect your prizes!


Bars Category

This category was judged by Darren from Darren has always been a strong supporter of local bars, so I figured this was the perfect category for him.

Neath the shadows of X one through four
Three heroes knew there was better to pour
They founded the Scratch
Craft beer had found its match
In a humble pub, forevermore

~ Kyle E ~

Runner Ups:

New places in Brisbane abound,
Just get out and about and around.
If you’re looking for craft,
like local and draught,
then here! there are bars to be found.

~ Jenny M ~

There nothing quite like a pub crawl,
Through Brisbane’s great urban bar sprawl,
The only real problem
Is there’s so many of them
You can never quite get to them all!

~ Luke S ~

From Darren:

“When Jason first asked if I’d be a judge for his competition alongside himself and fellow blogger, Nick from Chasing Ale, I jumped at the chance. I love good competition so I couldn’t say ‘no’. It would have been tough not being involved in something that comprises constructive writing. Is a limerick constructive writing? Yeah!

One thing that I hadn’t prepared for was the quality of the entries! My category was ‘bars’ and believe you me the bar was set high from the get go. Forgive the pun.

My selected top three included two that I believe encompassed the plethora of good beer bars here in Brisbane now. They both nailed the fact that there is an abundance of choice. I like that.

The winner of my category won it because – as I alluded to above – I enjoy a decent dose of wordsmithery. Slipping the word ‘neath’ cleverly into a very enticing first line won me over. Not only that, the entire limerick epitomises one of Brisbane’s oldest craft beer bars – The Scratch. Well done!

Congratulations to everybody that entered.”

Kyle’s winning entry has won him:

1 x Growler from Brisbane Brewing Co.
1 x $50 Bar Tab to use at  Brewski Bar
1 x Squealer from Craft Red Hill
1 x T-Shirt from 250 Beers

Congratulations, Kyle! You’ll be receiving an email shortly with details on how to collect your prizes!


Beers Category

This category was judged by Nick from Nick’s blog has him exploring beers from the ‘1001 Beers you Must Try Before You Die’, so who better to judge this category!

At night when I’m out and about
I do yearn for a beer with some clout
Russian, Irish, or Milk
All go down smooth as silk
Godly nectar, praise the brewers for stout!

~ Kyle E ~

Runner Ups:

Mountain Goat Red IPA
The name doth make my heart sway
With so many hops
My heart nearly stops
This kid is smitten, okay?

~ Kirsty M ~

If you’re finding most beers are a bore,
Tasting Hammer Head will leave you in awe,
Now this claim can’t be trampled
As all those who’ve sampled
Now have to take food through a straw.

~ Luke S ~

From Nick:

“I had a rather strict criteria:
1. It had to be a limerick. Not just a bunch of rhyming words, but a legit limerick (cadence means a lot to me)
2. It had to actually be about beer, not just mention beer once and then rhyme that with dear, clear, King Lear…

The winner represents on drinkers love for the almighty stout. It evokes a true beer drinkers passion for their tipple of choice; that moment in the evening where your taste buds simply must be satiated by that which you hold most dear – in the case, the darkly seductive style of Stouts. It even makes me want to grab a silky smooth stout myself, which is a pretty good effort considering my preference for all things hoppy.

Sorry it took longer then planned (to select a winner). My poetic heart simply couldn’t stick to a single winner. It made my soul weep having to so viciously cut down lesser peoples hopes and dreams. However, I managed to pull myself out of a pit of despair, and through a torrent of tears, have made the necessary decisions..”

Kyle’s second winning entry has won him:

1 x Growler from Brisbane Brewing Co.
1 x Growler and a $30 Bar Tab from 4 Hearts Brewing/Pumpyard
1 x Squealer from Craft Red Hill
1 x Swag Pack from Newstead Brewing Co
1 x Plushie from Chasing Ale

Congratulations again, Kyle! You’ll be receiving an email shortly with details on how to collect your prizes!


As for the bawdy limerick, here was the top entry:

I was in desperate need of a screw,
But I went to Hoo Ha for a brew,
I ordered a squealer,
Ended up with a screamer,
Now where is that cold hoppy brew?

~ James C ~

Congrats, James. You’ll find your limerick at Hoo Ha bar where all good bawdy limericks belong: the toilets!


All the winning and runner-up entries can be viewed at Hoo Ha Bar during Brewsvegas! Be sure to head down and see your fine works displayed for the world to see!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the entrants. The quality of entries were quite high, and it made the decision process difficult for us judges to nail down our favourites. Aside from the difficulty though, it was great fun having a read of all the limericks that came through my inbox.

I’d also like to thank the great folks that donated some kickass prizes! Without, Brisbane Brewing Co, Craft Red Hill, Newstead Brewing, Bacchus Brewing, 4 Hearts Brewing/Pumpyard, Brewski Bar, Beer inCider, and the judges, this competition would be pretty lame. I’d also like to thank Hoo Ha Bar for offering up their wall space for the top entries.

Lastly, I want to thank Nick and Darren for helping out with the judging this year. I know how difficult it was for me to select one winner, and without you guys helping to carry the burden, I would have had to select 3. Much appreciated guys!

So that concludes this years “Bards of Brewsvegas”! I had such a great time with it, I can see this coming back again next year, so keep an eye out!

Now get yourselves out there and enjoy some awesome Brewsvegas events!

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