Lets Take it from the Top

Lets Take it from the Top

Have you ever had one of those existential moments? You know, where you sit there and think “what in the sweet hell am I actually doing here”? The last month or so has been one long ‘one of those moments’ for myself with regards to the blog.

Now, I could say that I haven’t written in a while because I’m busy with university, work or the like. I could say that after Brewsvegas, I was so ‘beer’d out” that I didn’t even want to think of the stuff until recently. I could, but really, I’d be lying. I’ve been abstaining from writing because I’ve been questioning what I’m actually bringing to the table to the good folks of Brisbane and surrounds, especially with the high quality of bloggers we have in this area.

Countless times, I’ve told myself not to compare what I write to others, but despite my best effort, I just can’t seem to follow my own advice. I’ll never be as comedic as Brewed Crude and Bitter (RIP), as sarcastically cynical and clever as Drunken Speculation, or have the flow of a good story like 250 Beers. There are moments when I also sit to write an article and think that the topic has been done before and much better than I could, so I abstain.

Apologies for making all of this sound like a personal therapy session. My insecurities have been aired, but the main reason of this post is to tell you that I’ve found a new way and you will be seeing a slightly different format from here on. I’ve decided that to move forward, I need to look back.

Brews and Bacon originally started up as a look through the eyes of someone who didn’t know that much about Brisbane craft beer, or good beer in general, really. My experiences as a freshman was the focus, and somewhere along the way, through either a bloated sense of self-importance or just plain not caring, it morphed into something I don’t recognize and thus, have a hard time writing for.

So, from here on out, I’m going back to my roots. My own personal knowledge may have grown, but there are many out there that who are still taking their first steps into this great experience and I want to be here for them. Expect to see some educational pieces in the near future as well as some ACTUAL beer reviews, geared more toward the non-beer geeks out there. I’m really excited about this new direction, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ll enjoy writing it!

3 thoughts on “Lets Take it from the Top

  1. Hey! Don’t sell yourself short! I really enjoy your blog. ☺ But I’m sure I will enjoy it equally much it whatever direction you choose to take it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, I think. When I wrote a similarish post towards the end of last year, the best advice I got was along the lines of “write what you want to write”. You don’t owe anyone anything. That said, once you’ve figured out what you want to write, make sure you actually do write it.

    Also taking a more formal break from blogging, where you don’t put pressure on yourself to produce anything or come up with ideas, can help a lot too. It’s when the ideas (Lonely Pint and Blind Leading the Blind being two very good ones) come without consciously thinking about it that you know you’ve got the mojo back.

  3. I am reasonably new to your blog but was starting to notice I hadn’t seen any recent posts from you so welcome back. I for one love reading anything about beer so am up for whatever direction you decide to take. Just keep writing 🙂

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