Media Release: The Scratch Bar Announces the Return of Weekend of Darkness


Weekend of Darkness is quickly becoming one of Brisbane’s most anticipated events. This year, they seem to be pulling out all the stops and it’s looking like this years event is going to be a blast. Have a look at the awesome video they have done up for it as well!

apologies for not getting this up yesterday

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Media Release: New Gaslight Bistro and Competition


I don’t get many media releases sent to me, but the ones I do, I’m selective about putting up. This one, sent to me from the folks behind the amazing Hoo Ha Bar in South Bank, is the kind of stuff I have no problems with putting up right away.

Their new location in New Farm sounds pretty sweet! Check out the competition as well for a chance to win a double pass to their exclusive opening night! Continue reading

Brumalia! Beer naming, goat sacrifice, and Roman sex parties.

When I was asked if I wanted to help brew a beer with my fellow blog cohorts for Bacchus’ upcoming ‘Brumalia Festival’, I thought ‘hells ya!’. The last time I was involved with a Bacchus beer, it was for the Beer Bloggers series back at the end of 2013, and I was sadly (not really sadly, I was living it up) overseas for both the brewing and launch. This time around, however, I was ready and able to join in on the fun. Continue reading