Rohan’s Pretentious and Judgmental Food Journal – Stitch Bar, Sydney

I thought Rohan had given up his food journal after a whopping 1 entry, but it would appear I was incorrect; he’s simply as lazy as I am.Ā 

Rohan is currently down in Sydney for work and while ‘bored’, he decided to do an interesting little write up on ‘Stitch Bar’ in the CBD. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some more out of him while he’s down there. Continue reading

Noisy Minor – Admiral Ackbar

Last month, I was honoured to be highlighted in the inaugural ā€œAussie Beer Bloggersā€ feature on the Crafty Pint. Iā€™m happy just to find out people read what I put up, but to be recognized like that was something else. To say I was a bit chuffed would be an understatement. Continue reading

Blind Leading the Blind’s Return

A long time ago, in a blog not that far away, a set of blind tasting posts were put out by two absolute rookies. These posts ranked 5 brews of (roughly) the same style, with one being selected as an industry standard and another as a trap, with the remaining 3 being picked at random. Continue reading