Blind Leading the Blind’s Return

A long time ago, in a blog not that far away, a set of blind tasting posts were put out by two absolute rookies. These posts ranked 5 brews of (roughly) the same style, with one being selected as an industry standard and another as a trap, with the remaining 3 being picked at random.

Three posts were done, with Pale Ale, Lager, and Hefeweizen being the chosen styles. The two bloggers doing the tasting managed to put out some half decent content (for once) and things were looking up.

Sheer laziness, however, thwarted our two protagonists. One claimed to be busy with studies while the other claimed to be overseas, partying with European super models; this, really, was just a front to hide a complete lack of organizational skills. To protect their identity, let’s just call them ‘Mason’ and ‘Rick’.

Mason and Rick seem to be overcoming their lethargy, though. It looks like their ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ tasting will be starting back up really soon, with rumblings that the style will be stouts. Despite this sudden burst of motivation, they are still going to need your help. Here’s what you can do.

In the comments section below, leave some suggestions on what you believe to be:

  1. the best stout you’ve ever had
  2. a stout you believe to be an industry standard and
  3. a stout produced by a “crafty” brewer; one that your typical snob might turn their nose up at.

So that’s it, really! The beers have to be ones that are available in bottle/can in Brisbane bottle shops, and are relatively easy to attain.

Mason and Rick look forward to reading your suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Blind Leading the Blind’s Return

  1. 1. I can’t remember them all! But older viscosity and BA Yeti were pretty special!

    2. Probably Nail Oatmeal

    3. I don’t quite understand this question! Haha

      1. I thought so! I enjoy coopers Best Extra Stout, I think it’s better then a lot of crafty folk would be happy to accept! Though they are family owned so if that doesn’t count, S&A Jack Tar was pretty impressive!

  2. Yo. I’m not much of a stout drinker and tend to skip them for imperial stouts, and I assume that they are off limits? If not, my selections would be different.

    I’ve had to look at my Untappd checkins for ideas.
    For 1, I seem to remember Clare Valley’s King Kong stout being rather nice.
    For 2, would 4 Pines be considered industry standard? Guinness is probably the most popular stout in the world.
    For 3, James Squire is the obvious choice. If Cascade are still flogging off a stout, then that could be a good trap beer.

  3. 1. I’ve enjoyed Nail Oatmeal and Rogue Chocolate Stout
    2. Mountain Goat Surefoot stout or 4Pines Stout. Guinness is popular but is it a benchmark? 😶
    3. +1 for cascade.

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