T-Shirt Anxiety

T-Shirt Anxiety

Being a blogger, I generally don’t have to worry about my appearance. I can sit and type out a post in nothing but my underwear and 3 day uncombed hair. As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m currently sporting. ~pause to allow that image to creep into your sub-conscience~ 

IMG_9262When I go out, I tidy myself up a bit: take a shower, put on some clothes, etc. I tend to live in my beer t-shirts at the moment, and am growing a healthy enough collection to be allow for a shunning of all my other pleb tier “regular” t-shirts. The problem I’m noticing, however, is that I’m having a much more difficult time choosing which to wear and it’s causing me anxiety. To make matters worse, I’m attending a beer get together that will be filmed, adding more pressure to pick the perfect shirt.

Lets go back a few years to when the only beer t shirt I had was my coveted ‘Pony Bar NYC’. Life was simpler then. I grabbed the only choice I had, wore it with pride, and enjoyed many nights out in it.

Fast forward to now, and I question every decision I make about what piece of fabric will cover my torso. My typical internal dialouge goes as such:

Do I wear my “Brews and Bacon” shirt and promote myself? If I do, will everyone think “Oh, it’s the guy that always wears the ‘Brews and Bacon’ t shirt. That’s all he wears. He must have no other clothing. Poor thing”. Do I wear my Newstead shirt? What if Darren is wearing his Newstead shirt? Then someone will come up and say “Hey, you guys are twins! ha ha ha fricken ha”. Man, I hate those people. What if I wore my Fortitude Brewing shirt. It’s tight and looks damn sexy on me. But its kind of chilly tonight. I don’t need another nipple gate incident like that day at Bacchus. Maybe I’ll wear my Croft shirt. I don’t wear my Croft shirt enough. Maybe Gavin thinks I don’t like his beers because I don’t wear his shirt. Oh God…

It goes on like this for a little while until I close my eyes, grab a shirt, and hope for the best.

T-shirt anxiety: it’s a legit thing. Surely, I’m not the only one?

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