My 5 Summer-time Smashers

My 5 Summer-time Smashers

Spring may be the official season, but recent hot weather has thoroughly convinced me it’s summer. For me, there is no better way to beat the heat then to crack a cold one and enjoy what Australian beer has to offer.

Hot times like these call for something a bit easier to drink. Nothing too abrasive, or challenging: just a light, flavourful, clean drop.

I’m continuing on with my new found love for lists and giving you my top picks for my favourite summer time brews. These are the beers to be drinking while putting your feet up on the deck or enjoying them by the pool. These are beers that should are readily available and purchasable in bottles or cans at most good beer outlets.

Here they are, in no particular order, my “Summer-time Smashers”!


wayfarerGreen Beacon Wayfarer USA – American Wheat

I always associate wheat beers with freshness. A nice cold Wayfarer USA from Green Beacon Brewery gives a silky, easy drinking experience, with flavours of fresh melon, and tart citrus. It punches in at 4.7%, and they come in the best vessel for summer: cans! Perfect for the beach.

throwbackPirate Life Throwback – Session IPA

South Australia-based Pirate Life have been making a splash all over the country, with big focus going on their imperial IPA. What really caught me by surprise in their range, however, was the Throwback IPA. This well-balanced, 3.5% session beer is clean, crisp and easy to “throw back”. Perfect beer for drinking by the pool.

Out and a BoutNewstead Out and a Bout – Pale Ale

One might say the ¾ Time session ale would be a better choice for summer, but sometimes, you just really want something a bit more resinous on a warm summer’s eve. The 5.1% flagship pale ale from Newstead ticks all the right boxes with a piney, citrus flavour that’s backed with a balanced malt backbone. Perfect for the evening BBQ.

goatMountain Goat Summer Ale

This entry may now be considered “controversial” due to MG’s recent acquisition by Asahi, but I could really care less. The beer is good, and unless that changes, this still makes the list. If you do partake, you’ll find a light grainy flavour of wheat coupled with a fruit filled aroma that goes down a treat at 4.7%. As it’s canned, and most likely to hit a bigger distribution with the recent purchase, this will be easier to find thus making emergency beer runs easier whilst camping. Perfect for camping.

pacerFortitude Pacer

The folks down in Mount Tamborine have had a phenomenal year, seeing their core range hit bottles. The Pacer is their lowest ABV weighing in at a mere 2.8%. This refreshing beer will want you coming back for more after every bottle, but won’t knock you on your ass in the process. Perfect for the hosting or going to back yard parties.

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