1000 and Out

It would appear my love affair with Untappd is over. Gone are the days of furiously checking in every new beer that passed my lips. Passed are the times when I would intentionally go out searching for strange and exotic new beers, with the hopes of getting some obscure badge and internet props. Continue reading

Nundah – Brisbane’s Newest Hot Spot

Nundah means “chain of water holes” in the local Aboriginal dialect, but aside from nearby Kedron Brook which borders its southern edge, it hasn’t really lived up to its name.  Its main drag, Sandgate Road, has been lacking in choice for locations to whet your whistle on a Friday after work for many years now. Continue reading

Blind Leading the Blind #4 – Stouts

8 months. It’s taken 8 months to get another Blind Leading the Blind post out. Luckily, this time around, Chasing Ale was the one on the ball, pushing to get everything done.

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Bavarian Bier Cafe – Oktoberfest

I have an app on my phone, which I’m sure many of you have, called “Timehop”. As fun as it is looking back on those fond memories, between the months of September and December, it gets a bit depressing.

It was during this period back in 2013, the wife and I had packed up our bags and ventured out for a 4 month, round the world trip. Malaysia, Singapore, New York; all were magnificent, but one of the major highlights for me was visiting Munich for Oktoberfest. Sitting in one of the grand beer tents all day and well into the evening, eating pretzels, and standing on the benches belting out tunes is one of the memories I’ll hold close for a long time. Continue reading

Media Release: ‘Craft Beer Month’ at Riverbar & Kitchen

I can honestly say I’ve never actually been to Riverbar & Kitchen before, but any bar in the Eagle Street district willing to go out of there comfort zone and have a crack at good beer gets my support.

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Gypsy Brewers! Baron von Brewing

How would you define the term “gypsy brewer”? Essentially, gypsy brewing is a form of contract brewing in where a brewer with no premises or equipment of their own rents fermenter space with an established location to be able to produce their product. But that definition is pretty dry and doesn’t really delve into the complexities the practice entails. Continue reading