The Blood, Sweat and Craft Beers Team – Michael Cameron


For the third year running, the Blood, Sweat, and Craft Beers running team will be lacing up to take on the 14 km’s known as the City2South. Last year, the team raised a staggering amount of money for RUOK, and this year, look to top our efforts by hitting $20,000 for beyondblue, which is an outstanding resource for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mental maladies.

To help you all get a better idea of who we are as a group, I’m running (pun not intentional) a segment to highlight the individuals who make up this merry little gang.

First up is Michael Cameron, the Pirate Life Runner!

mcameronWho are you?

My wife says I’m nobody, my kids think I’m everybody, I’m still trying to figure myself out.

What’s your good beer connection? 
I am the Queensland Pirate life business analysist, analasist, analy… Rep… I’m a rep!

What’s your running experience? 
Age 6, burnt my parents garage down with a match, been running ever since.

Beyondblue: What does it mean to you?
It has been my mid life crisis outreach, and the bipartisan ear when things get to tough, and it still is. Beyond Blue is something I never thought I would need, but now my essential option when things get to their worst.

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