Mornington Peninsula Nitro Sacchariferous Stout Coming to QLD

Mornington Peninsula’s #tinnage series reaches its sixth instalment this week. Coming hot off the heels of number 5, the ‘Russell Brown’ Belgian Brown Ale, the folks down on the Peninsula are coming full circle and re-releasing their first of the series, the Sacchariferous Stout.

This time, however, things are a little bit different. With the ability to dose their cans with nitro, the milk stout is getting the gassed-up treatment, which should make for a much smoother, creamier version of its predecessor. 

This is the second time Mornington Peninsula have used the new nitro technique to froth up their #tinnage beers. The “Dogs Bollocks” ESB two entries ago got first crack at the widegetless nitro improvement, which not only produced a session friendly mouthfeel, but a beer that was just as fun to watch pour as it was to consume. 

Keep an eye out for the Nitro Sacchariferous Stout landing in good beer venues this week.


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