My 5 Summer-time Smashers 2016-17

My 5 Summer-time Smashers 2016-17

Around this time last year, I made a decidedly early post about my favourite 5 smashable summer beers. I’ve decided, since I’m sweating again, it might be time to dig this idea out and once again dive into the lowest form of blogging: lists.

As before, my criteria for selection comes down to this: the beer has to be, in my opinion, well-balanced, easy to drink, and readily available to purchase in bottles or cans. So here I go again, in no relevant order.


indiansummerpaleale_realcan_web24 Pines Indian Summer Ale

A 4.2% Aussie Pale with a good hit of Galaxy and Equinox hops to keep things interesting, this 4 Pines beer makes the list for the sheer flavour factor. Galaxy hops tend to give off a passion fruit type of flavour, and passion fruit for me is instantly word associated with summer. It might be the Canadian in me that thinks any tropical fruit means warm weather, but regardless, this beer hits the mark and goes down a treat on a hot day, and as always, tins are the ultimate summer beer vessel. Perfect for playing backyard cricket.


green_beacon_cross_knot_kolsch_canGreen Beacon Cross-Knot Kolsch

Lets keep the tin theme going, shall we? Green Beacon‘s Kolsch is some of the best of this style I’ve ever tasted outside of Köln. Weighing in at 4.6%, the highest ABV of this years list, it may take a few less green cans to get you feeling good, but the dry finish on this traditional German style will have you punching through them easily. Perfect beer for picnics.


reset-robotBrewcult Reset Robot

The first mid-strength beer of the list and nothing says ‘session-beer’ like a good mid-strength. It’s packed with a heap of NZ hops, but still gives a nice, clean character that “resets” the palate, letting you drink more and more of the 3.5% pale ale from Brewcult. Perfect for drinking on the deck of your local good beer watering hole.


newstead-sessionale-350-937Newstead 3 Quarter Time

I gave Newstead‘s Out and a Bout Pale Ale the nod last year, but this time around, I’m going for the mid that keeps me sane and semi-sober on every trip to the brewery. A big hit of citrus hop profile gives a bit more bitterness than our earlier entrants, however, the 3.4% ABV and balanced malt profile don’t offend the taste buds. Perfect for BBQ’s.


Photo credit: Miss Pinky

Pink beer? Pink beer!? What are you trying to pull here?

Don’t let the colour of this raspberry Berliner-weisse from Boatrocker deter you because, for my money, this Australian take on a traditional German style is probably the most summer-friendly of the beers on this list (I know I said there is no particular order, but I can still have a favourite). The addition of raspberries to the wheat based sour accentuates the tartness the lactobacillus, giving flavours of lemon and, of course, raspberries. What makes this so sessionable is the level of refreshment you get after a schooner or two, and at 3.4%, you can go well beyond that if you choose. Perfect for drinking on the deck after mowing the lawn.

So, what do you think? What’s your go-to thirst quencher in the hot summer months? I’d love to see your responses in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “My 5 Summer-time Smashers 2016-17

  1. Had a light summer smasher tonight–Founders Porter. Only 6.5%, so super quaffable.

    Other summer favourites I’ve got in the fridge: Ramjet; Bacchus Release The Flying Monkeys; Founders Backwoods Bastard.

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