Beer InCider 2016

Beer InCider 2016

This post should actually be titled, “Hey, I documented virtually nothing during my time at Beer InCider so I’m doing everything from a shoddy, inebriated memory”. It just doesn’t have a great ring to it, though.

screenshot2016-05-16at1-43-07pmOne of the reasons there is a distinct lack of recorded info is that I hosted a pair of tastings at the festival. The first was for the Cabalistas, or Crafty Pint supporters. I’ll admit, this one was a bit intimidating as all other tastings I’ve done before were for the uninitiated; people I could impart wisdom to. This, however, was a different kettle of fish as these folks know good beer. I couldn’t very well walk in there and say “These are the flavours you get from hops, blah blah blah”. No, I had to be Crafty (get it?) and came up with a blind tasting, testing their tastebuds and beer knowledge to get them through. All in all, I think everyone had a bit of fun despite my initial bumbling.

Tasting two took place right afterward for the good folks of Goa Billboards. This was a bit more of a standard tasting so, with that in mind and a few wobbly juices in my system from the previous tasting, I was a bit more at ease and was able to get through it rather smoothly.

20160917_161829Once the work portion of the day was done, I ducked out to check out the festival. This, my dear readers, is where my lack of documentation fails me. I remember enjoying some Cavalier Coffee IPA, Black Hops Eggnog Stout, Croft Frenetic Condition Wild Ale, and the IPA from Aether brewing, but I couldn’t give you any solid notes on them.

The reason for this is I approached this year’s festival a bit differently from previous years’. Beer InCider 2014 and 2015 saw me doing what I could to tick off as many beers and food items as possible. Aside from making it a fairly expensive endeavour, it also got me to a point where even the laxest of RSA enforcers might cringe.

So I slowed it down. I picked and chose the stands I went to. I sat down, sipped a Newstead Tokyo Face Plant and enjoyed the music. I conversed with friends. I made some new acquaintances. I enjoyed the festival on a much different level.

And I loved it.

The past few years, I’ve mentioned how much Beer InCider is a festival for all types of people; that it brings punters into the good beer sphere who may not have had a pale ale before in their life. These folks aren’t there to tick off an imaginary list of must-have imperial red ales. They are there to enjoy the music, have a drink, eat some damn good food, and soak in the atmosphere of an amazing festival. I had a go at that.

Again, I loved it.

T-Rex racing was worth the break in tasting
T-Rex racing was worth the break in tasting

Not to take away from the “beer collectors”; that’s still a great way to enjoy the event and what a line-up to do it with! To get an in-depth analysis from guys who thoroughly enjoy that thrill of the hunt, check out Beerfoodbrisbane’s article or Schoonerversity’s write-up on the day. These guys ticked some lists along the way and relished in the festival in a different, but equally valid way.

Looking forward to next year!

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