Ballistic Brewing (or how I missed out yet still didn’t miss out)

Ballistic Brewing (or how I missed out yet still didn’t miss out)


One of the little perks of running a beer blog with minimal readership is that you get the occasional invite to a launch or tasting night. Unfortunately, now being a member of the hospitality crowd, things get a bit more difficult to get to. So when I was invited to the Ballistic Brewing tasting event on a Monday, I was pretty stoked. Despite it being on my weekend, due to some other arrangements I had made previously, I STILL wasn’t able to go.

Two dashing fill-ins in great attire (Photo courtesy of Ballistic Brewing)
Two dashing fill-ins in great attire (Photo courtesy of Ballistic Brewing)

Lucky enough, I have a couple good mates whose palettes I trust. James Richards from Duck and Cover Brewing and Lex Hyde from Tippler’s Tap and Duck and Cover kindly acted as my blogging proxies for the evening down in Salisbury and took notes and photos in my stead.

Ballistic is new to the scene and one of very few breweries opening up in the south side of Brisbane. Located in Salisbury, they’re looking to set up a 25 hL system with a full bar to treat the local patrons.

dsc_0150The brewery is in its initial stages of build, but Lachy and David from Ballistic have been firing up their pilot brew system to get the recipes down pat before they get the big rig running. This tasting was a test run to get honest feedback on what they’ve punched out so far. Here’s a rundown of what my stand-ins thought of the Ballistic beers, directly from their tasting sheets.

dsc_0126Beer # 1 – Pilot Light – Table Beer – 3.5%

James: This has an excellent Malt/Hop balance for a low ABV. The name might confuse a few, but I like what you are doing! 4/5 (Would drink again)

Lex: This beer is easy drinking with a balanced hop character. I enjoy the subtle aroma and I’d change nothing about this beer. 4/5 (Would drink again)

dsc_0128Beer # 2 – Dirty Word – Craft Lager – 5.0%

James: Dirty word is crisp AF with no off flavours or smells. There is not a hint of sulphur and is technically well made. I am, however, personally not a fan of the hop profile. 3/5 (Would drink again)

Lex: Though it’s clean and crisp, I feel the hop profile is a bit off. It reminds me of Nelson Sauvin and is lacking bitterness. 2.5/5 (Would not drink again)

Beer # 3 – Australian Psycho – IPA – 6.5%

James: This is crisp with no brewing faults and is very refreshing. The low aroma and aggressive bitterness detracts from it a bit, so I feel some late addition hops could soften it a bit, but otherwise, I like it. The name kinda freaks me out though. 4/5 (Would drink again)

Lex: This has a big hop character and a solid bitterness. Bitterness could do with a bit more aroma hops to counter the aggressive bitterness. 3/5 (Might drink again)

dsc_0146Beer # 4 – Old Ale (Yet to be named) 7.0%

James: An interesting and complex caramel malt flavour, with notes of vanilla and oak. It’s slightly erring on “too sweet”, but only just. 4/5 (Would drink again)

Lex: Sweet candy and vanilla flavours. An old ale is an adventurous choice for a core range beer! 4/5 (Would drink again).

From what I’ve read and heard from others, it looks like we’re going to be getting some more great beer coming from Salisbury late this year! I’ll have to satiate my FOMO and head down there before then to sample the wares myself. Great job Ballistic and thanks to the Lex and James for filling in for me!

Instagram: @ballisticbeer

James taking careful notes
Lachy addressing the group
Ballistics Core Line Up

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