Ballistic Brewing (or how I missed out yet still didn’t miss out)


One of the little perks of running a beer blog with minimal readership is that you get the occasional invite to a launch or tasting night. Unfortunately, now being a member of the hospitality crowd, things get a bit more difficult to get to. So when I was invited to the Ballistic Brewing tasting event on a Monday, I was pretty stoked. Despite it being on my weekend, due to some other arrangements I had made previously, I STILL wasn’t able to go. Continue reading

Bacchus Brew Bar

I don’t get many opportunities to go out and enjoy a good beer or a brew related event as much as I used to. My days of being a free-loading, stay-at-home husband with all the time in the world have come to a halt and now my days are filled with assignments, studying, and the occasional shift of work. With all that on my plate, I was honestly not sure if I was going to be able to make it to the opening of Bacchus Brewing’s new brew pub. Continue reading