Why I don’t Use the Word ‘Craft’ and Why You Shouldn’t Either



There has been a lot of debate lately on the recent news of Lions departure from the CBIA by retiring the memberships of their Malt Shovel (James Squire), Little Creatures, and White Rabbit labels.  While the discussion is lively, I’m going to touch on a related issue that has been bothering me for quite some time: the use of the word ‘craft’. Continue reading

Best Valued Brewsvegas Events!



It’s that time of year again! The 4th annual Brewsvegas festival is kicking off next week and I for one am pumped that it’s back.

With such a large program, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to select your itinerary and if you’re a bit of a spend-thrift like I, you tend to look for the events that are going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Continue reading

Ballistic Brewing (or how I missed out yet still didn’t miss out)


One of the little perks of running a beer blog with minimal readership is that you get the occasional invite to a launch or tasting night. Unfortunately, now being a member of the hospitality crowd, things get a bit more difficult to get to. So when I was invited to the Ballistic Brewing tasting event on a Monday, I was pretty stoked. Despite it being on my weekend, due to some other arrangements I had made previously, I STILL wasn’t able to go. Continue reading

Mornington Peninsula Nitro Sacchariferous Stout Coming to QLD

Mornington Peninsula’s #tinnage series reaches its sixth instalment this week. Coming hot off the heels of number 5, the ‘Russell Brown’ Belgian Brown Ale, the folks down on the Peninsula are coming full circle and re-releasing their first of the series, the Sacchariferous Stout. Continue reading

Nundah – Brisbane’s Newest Hot Spot

Nundah means “chain of water holes” in the local Aboriginal dialect, but aside from nearby Kedron Brook which borders its southern edge, it hasn’t really lived up to its name.  Its main drag, Sandgate Road, has been lacking in choice for locations to whet your whistle on a Friday after work for many years now. Continue reading