Noisy Minor – Admiral Ackbar

Last month, I was honoured to be highlighted in the inaugural “Aussie Beer Bloggers feature on the Crafty Pint. I’m happy just to find out people read what I put up, but to be recognized like that was something else. To say I was a bit chuffed would be an understatement. Continue reading

(Unofficial) Craft Beer Rising in Townsville

Some of you may have noticed a lack of information about “Craft Beer Rising” in my previous postings. I will admit, it’s due to a slight twinge of  bitterness and resentment. This doesn’t come from anything that the CBR14 crew did or any lack of interest in the events; quite the contrary. It stems from jealousy. You see, on the morning of Feb 22, I was on Qantas flight QF970 heading to sunny Townsville and have been here ever since. With a noticeable lack of good venues up here, it’s easy to see why I might harbour a bit of ill-will towards you lucky folks who got to attend the phenomenal events hosted across the country. Continue reading

Australia Day 2014

Another Australia Day has come and gone, and the wonderful folks at the Crafty Pint and Local TapHouse have assembled the nations votes on the top brews of 2013. Most of the good beer swilling patrons flocked to various pubs to watch the countdown. I could do a blow-by-blow of the events, but there are those that can put it more eloquently then I, so to see a great summery of the list, check out BrewsNews here. Since I’m a bit more egotistical, I’m going to go over my top 5 picks and see how they stacked up.  Continue reading