Best Valued Brewsvegas Events!



It’s that time of year again! The 4th annual Brewsvegas festival is kicking off next week and I for one am pumped that it’s back.

With such a large program, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to select your itinerary and if you’re a bit of a spend-thrift like I, you tend to look for the events that are going to give you the most bang for your buck.

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5 Tips to Have a Great Beer inCider Experience

It’s finally happened; I’ve lowered myself to the lowest common blogging denominator: lists. The penultimate of click-bait, used to rack up hit counts and page views while imparting absolutely zero content.

Before you send an angry mob, brandishing pitch forks and torches, hear me out first. This will be my second time at the Beer inCider festival, which begins tomorrow at Albion Park Raceway, and I want to impart a few pieces of advice that will save you some time and headache if you haven’t been before. It just happens to be in a handy, list format.
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Bites & Brews Laneway Festival

1Add another festival to Brisbane’s growing portfolio. This Saturday, the Shafston Hotel in East Brisbane will be hosting its inaugural “Bites & Brews” Laneway Festival and it’s looking like it’ll be a good one. The outdoor event will be featuring some of Queensland’s top breweries, food trucks, and live local music.

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The Beer inCider Experience – Some for All

When Marty Keetels put up a photo on Facebook with his hand written sign, I barely gave it a second glance. Expecting another “If I get a million likes, my wife will let me buy a Maserati” or “Can I get a million likes for some cause that won’t benefit from said likes in any way shape or form?”, I dismissed it and continued my mindless scrolling of statuses. This particular picture continued to haunt my feed, however, and it seemed to be pre-dominantly beer people that were reposting it. Curiosity got the better of my stubbornness and I had a gander. Continue reading