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Pirate Life Mosaic IPA

Pirate Life Mosaic IPA

All aboard the hype train… WOOWOO!!! I usually end up grabbing the “latest and greatest” beer months after they’ve made their splash; when punters have generally forgotten about them and moved onto their next shiny new toy. But after some lively ‘debate’ in a few beer-related Facebook forums, I decided to take the plunge and … Continue reading Pirate Life Mosaic IPA

5 Flavours – The Best of Brissy

I often get asked by old backpacker friends of mine who now live in different cities in Australia why I would choose to settle in Brisbane. “What’s so great about it?” they’d question. These people are not in the beer world, so trying to explain the excitement of being part of a burgeoning craft scene … Continue reading 5 Flavours – The Best of Brissy

An Itch to Scratch

Yesterday afternoon saw me catching up with a mate of mine whom I hadn't seen in almost 5 months. Since we were both currently not working (him because he was on annual leave and I because, well, I'm unemployed), we decided to go and grab a few beers and regale each other on tales of … Continue reading An Itch to Scratch